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The RTECC Event Formula

Sales Focus:

Most industry events have a “three-prong” approach. They educate attendees through paid conferences, support the press with elaborate press gatherings, and support the sales efforts of participating vendors through elaborate booths. The RTC Group focuses exclusively on supporting the sales efforts of participating vendors. The marriage of diverse technologies and convenient location give attendees the most return on investment for their valuable time. The RTC Group events are designed to increase your sales potential and minimize your budget expenditure.

Table-Top Format:

All RTC Group events are in a table-top format. What does this mean in terms of value? Unlike large national shows where a small booth can cost you tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and execute, table-top booths do not bring with them the expense and headache. Exhibitors utilize exhibits that fit in a single case. This ease of execution keeps the sales person on their primary role, sales. The table-top format also allows companies, that may not be able to share the spotlight with huge corporate entities at international events, the opportunity to play on a level field. Value, time efficiency and equality make table-top events successful for all vendors.

Regional Locations:

Large industry events give you the glitz and glamour of large convention centers, marketing parties and huge booths. But they can’t support your regional sales representatives. The RTC Group takes our events, not only to the large technology centers, but to the secondary cities that provide accounts essential for profitability. They allow regional sales staff the opportunity to bring customers in and give demonstrations in a fashion not available through any other means. With a regional focus, The RTC Group events draw important engineers that won’t likely attend a large national event.

Cooperative Promotion:

The most difficult part of producing any event is promotion. But when the burden of promotion is shared by all the vendors you have the formula for success. The RTC Group utilizes its extensive database to create a “buzz” in the industry about upcoming events, but it is the promotion of vendors that really gets the job done. The RTC Group along with your own efforts, provides support with print and e-invitations for your customers. Who knows your customers better than you do?

Single Day Events:

The single day format allows attendees to condense their time into a short out-of-office experience. Managers want to see an exceptional return on investment on any out-of-office activity, and a day packed with technical conferences and meetings with vendors meets the bill.  Also, single day events allow time around the event itself for sales calls and follow up by the vendor sales staff. Single day events create a high value in a compact timeframe giving everyone the best experience available.