RTECC Suspends 2016 Events

The RTC Group Thanks All of its Supporters and Sponsors

After 30 years as a global community, RTECC will suspend its calendar in 2016 in response to declines in audience participation and exhibitor support. Over the past 30 years RTECC has had the privilege of serving the embedded market as its original social network. RTECC holds a distinction as one of the longest running events within the embedded space, and “hangs up it hat” having been the platform of choice for three decades.

“The needs of the embedded design community have changed, and with it the need for events like RTECC. After three decades we took a long look at the value to our attendees and the needs of exhibitors and found that we were better serving our clients in other areas,” said Aaron Foellmi, Vice President of The RTC Group.

The RTC Group continues to serve the embedded market through its publications, digital marketing initiatives and custom event and marketing activities.

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